We’re no longer here.

As of 7/7/2012, we will no longer be updating content here. You can find us at dojoretro.com. Advertisements

Versatile Blogger Awards

Alana (You can check out her site here.) nominated us for a Versatile Blogger Award! We’d like to thank her for the consideration. If you haven’t checked out her site, what are you waiting for? BUT…before you go, here I must fulfill the rest of my duties in accordance with the rules: Thank the person … Continue reading

I Share Myself

I am not good with emotions. I have a hard time processing and expressing them. The things I do feel are muted in comparison to what you feel. Even in admitting this, my stomach clenches and my heart races. My brain starts pulling away from my body, trying to forget what has made me this … Continue reading

The Best of Both Worlds

The Twitter-sphere has been abuzz with E3 news and rumors for more than a week. Everyone has been waiting for this day. With that anticipation, people tend to be disappointed when the actual event happens. This might be what has happened with Nintendo this year. Normally, people expect a little bit of the same thing … Continue reading

Sega Genesis

I’ve had several people complain that 6-Pak is competing in the poll. Because of this, I am considering starting over with Genesis without 6-Pak. We aren’t that far along, so it’s now or never. Let me know what you think.  

Update on Game Description Source

From here on, I’m using Moby Games for the descriptions on games unless otherwise noted. They have more consistent information with more concise descriptions than Wikipedia does. If Moby Games happens to not have a description, I will defer to Wikipedia as my source. If you know a better source, let me know.

It’s Gotten To Be a Joke Now

One thing you’ll hear me say or read me tweet regularly is “I haven’t played that.” or something along those lines. I openly admit I haven’t played many, many games. Still, to be fair, I played a few games many, many times. It doesn’t discredit my love of gaming. I played quite a bit as … Continue reading

Jetpack Ninjas Ep. 2

Eric, Jerry, Tony, Mark, and I (Natalie) discuss what we’ve been playing. Metal Gear Solid and Metroid Prime face off. Which comes out on top? We elaborate on Nolan McBride’s Twinfinite article about offline gaming. We play a game ourselves, and the losers act out a scene from Resident Evil. Available for download or on … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you gaming mommies (and non-gaming mommies)! For my special day, I think I’m going to play a bunch of Skyward Sword. I want to finish it so badly, and I have to be nearing the end. When I stopped playing, I was in search of the Triforce. I just … Continue reading