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R.O.B. 3:12 – OW! MY WRIST!

The progress continues.

It’s been a difficult haul lately, as I continue to piece together the latest episode of “Rewind” while working on the planning stages of my first episode of “Toons of YesterYear” series. Neither are earth-shattering or ground breaking videos, but I really enjoy putting them together and it gives me that subtle, yet ever-so-satisfying connection to my youth.

However, it’s been difficult over the past couple of weeks to get any work done, due to a nagging wrist injury that may put a halt to any production for the next little while.

My right wrist has been really acting up in the past couple of weeks, and I think a large part of it is due to being overly active on a computer. I spend most of my work day in front of a laptop and then spend a lot of time after hours at home, editing or surfing the net, or blogging, or whatever. Oh, and throw some time spent in there firing up my console of choice for the day, and it’s noticeably taken its toll. (read more)


The announcement has been made, and while it’s not something that’s earth shattering or going to be changing lives, I’m glad to be moving onto something different, at least in a blogging capacity.

My goal when I initially launched my Temple of Retro site was to have something that was exactly that. A temple for all things retro. Unfortunately, it never amounted to much, and not from a lack of interest.

In my former life, I was a radio sports reporter/anchor who covered a local major junior hockey club. While I’ve since moved on into another aspect of my radio career, I still have a love and a passion for the team I covered, and still do so on another blog hosted on the world wide web. (I’d post it, but it’d only be relevant to those of us in small town Western Canada) (read more)

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